How to do the wipe it down challenge on TikTok & Gain multiple views? 

Among different challenges and games, Wipe it down can be a good choice to challenge yourself. It has been trending on TikTok and other social media platforms for a long time. However, many people have been stuck and question about how to do the wipe it down challenge on TikTok. You just need to stay in and follow the guideline before. Then, a million viewed videos will be created. 

How to do the wipe it down a challenge on TikTok and gain multiple views?

Prepare for the footage

To participate in the challenge, you need to prepare your outfits and stuff too.

  • Two different outfits
  • A mirror
  • A cleaner to use on the mirror,
  • A cloth
  • Camera 
  • A tripod ( If you don’t have a tripod, then find something to keep your camera in an upright position)

How to do the wipe it down a challenge on TikTok? As is often the case with challenges, Wipe It Down is fairly simple to start. You need to set up the camera at first, make sure it captures your body and face. For the first outfit, you have to dress in your original way. It should be a dress you almost have on at home. 

To make it easy, you should create three different clips: 

  • Dressing the first outfit and wiping the mirror
  • Showing the second outfit and wiping it again. The second one here should be well dressed. Put on some makeup and create the best version of yours. 
  • Show the shocking reaction with the first outfit

Making a real difference is the only way to gain more views. This should be a dressed-up version instead of dressed-down, or a more radical character transformation is a good option. 

Remember to set up the camera in front of the mirror and maintain its position in the same manner. Don’t move it and you can check the result after finishing. Stand on the same spot while wiping to make transitions look smooth, even with your second outfit. Record yourself in the first outfit and stop for a moment. Then give the reaction for the latter part too before changing to the fancy one. 

Edit and upload the video

In terms of the audio, the Wipe It Down song by BMW KENNY is all that you need.

Once the footage is done, there are two steps left to do. The first one is to edit the video files together. They should be one continuous piece with the first video leading to the second and then to the third until it finishes. The second step is downloading the song to superpose the top. 

In terms of editing, you’d better use a dedicated third-party video editing app. It will work well and help to combine the two videos. Don’t forget to make sure the transition between clips is as smooth as possible. There are many editing apps available at varying price points, it can be found on both Android and iOS.

In terms of the audio, the Wipe It Down song by BMW KENNY is all that you need. The next step here is tapping on the share icon > select “save video”. Then, use the audio clip through the same third-party editing app and combine the two Wipe It Down videos you’ve made together. The final step here is uploading and publishing to your TikTok account with the #WipeItDown hashtag.

It’s such a piece of cake to make your own Wipe it down a challenge. Then, it’s not fair to wonder how to do the wipe it down a challenge on TikTok. For more interesting update challenges, check out our web now. 

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