How To Use Teleport On TikTok And Make It Viral?

The teleport effect helps TikTokers virtually transport themselves into new surroundings. Even if it’s a beautiful landscape or another planet. Wherever you want to go, you can put it on your teleporting video. But how to use teleport on tiktok and make your video more funny? Is there any trick that you can take to level up the final video. Let’s find out the answer with the help below.

How to use teleport on tiktok and make it viral?

What is the Teleport Feature on TikTok app?

There are many interesting and innovative video features available on tiktok. You can freely explore and create your own unique videos. Teleport is always on the list. By using a ‘sci-fi’-styled array of beams to change your surroundings, now you can create more videos. 

The teleport filter does what it sounds like teleporting you to another place by putting a different background behind you. Of course, you need to choose your perfect background. 

This filter also has been used in the celebrity look-alike trend where the filter supposedly shows what your celebrity look-alike will be. Some make the video to show where they will be in the future with the help of teleportation on Tiktok.  

What is the Teleport Feature on TikTok app?

How to use teleport on tiktok

To answer the question how to use teleport on tiktok, you first need to launch Tiktok app. Then go to the bottom and click to start making a video. Next, tap to the effect tab on the bottom left and scroll down. Find the teleport filter yourself. It is covered with yellow and sparkles in the front. 

Don’t forget to click on the Teleport icon and you immediately see your row of photos from your camera. Basically the way that Tiktok Filter works is that the photo you choose. The background is exactly the same as your chosen photo. 

The way you teleport is the way you hold your hand up. Then, you can teleport back and forth between your actual background and your chosen photo. Hold up your hand, you teleport to a different background, do it again and you will move back. The important thing here is to remember to record when you’re actually teleporting. 

Tips to make a perfect teleporting video

How to use teleport on TikTok is easy but making it more interesting will be on a different level. 

To make the custom and perfectly sized photo to use this filter, you will need a third editing photo app on your phone. Choose the one that can help you with videos, images, and gifts. The size 9 out of 16 will be the right option for your TikTok video. 

Some users are getting just too creative even with the caption that they use. This will make your teleporting video capture more attention. Add a caption saying something like “this is where I will be in the next five years” and then teleport to a surrounding that you choose. You can also make a real reaction with the filter that shows your celeb look-alike. 

If you run out of ideas, then you should watch the most viewed teleport video available on Tiktok. Learn something new and create our own video. 

How to use teleport on tiktok? It’s not that hard to answer.  Go ahead and record your TikTok with this fun teleport feature. Whether you’re showing what celebrity you think you look like or teleporting to your dream travel destination, we hope this guideline will help you out. Create your own videos and share them with others today. 

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