What Are Gift Points On Tiktok & How To Withdraw?

What are gift points on TikTok? How do gift points work on TikTok live? How could they be transferred into real cash? How can I withdraw the money? There’re many questions relating to gift points on TikTok. And if you want to find the correct answers for them. Don’t forget to follow the sharing below. 

What are gift points on TikTok and how to withdraw?

What are gift points on TikTok? 

What are gift points on TikTok? When you get thousands of followers on Tiktok, then you can go live. And, people can purchase coins to give to you in the form of a gift. To break down the gift points in Tiktok, you need to know how much they can equal a coin. For example, a panda equals 5 coins, an Italian hand equals 5 coins, a rainbow puke equals 100 coins. Each coin here transfers to half of a cent in US dollars. 

When people buy coins, they can buy different bundles of coins. But no matter how many coins they buy, each coin costs them a penny and a half (1.5 cents). It means that Tiktok will take the 1 cent for them. 

How to get more Tiktok gift points? 

Users can donate coins in the form of a gift and you can convert these coins to dollars. Then, if you want people to donate to you, you will need to get more followers. The minimum here is 1000 to start Tiktok live. 

To attract more people, you should offer incentives to your followers and that will get them to want to donate to you. Some of those incentives include saying their names on the life or even shouting them out on the live. You can also duet with them on your profile and tag them or give them advice on their page. 

This works really well if you have built up a good following. Then, people will trust you and want your advice. They will want to shout them out. And this can bring tons of donations. 

If you get a little confused, remind people what you’re offering for donations. The solution here is just to write on a piece of paper and tape it on the wall next to you. You can also use the green screen filter feature on Tiktok live, so you can place a photo on the screen and you’ll be green-screened into the photo. People will know what they can get when they donate. 

How to get more Tiktok gift points?

How to withdraw the money from gift points on TikTok

If you want to withdraw the money, then you can do that right in the settings menu on your profiles. You need to click the balance and Tiktok will show how many coins that you have as well as your total coins since you first made Tiktok.

In the term you want to withdraw, then you need to click the withdraw button on the bottom. If you haven’t already, you can link your Paypal account, then you could transfer this money to Paypal. 

On Tiktok, you need to wait for 15 days to withdraw into your Paypal account. For those who don’t want to wait for such a long time, you need to transfer it to your bank account. It takes 3-5 days and it’s free. You can also do an instant transfer where you send coins to your card. This case costs a small fee to make a go to your bank account instantly. 

Remember, the minimum withdrawal on Tiktok is fifty and the maximum here is fifteen thousand dollars per day. 

This is all you need for your question about what are gift points on TikTok. You can also learn to get more followers and gain more coins. It helps to bring a lot of money and make you go viral as well. So good luck with your Tiktok. 

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